About Us

About us:

We are specialised in providing customized products & services. We supply thickness of the shutters starting from 25mm to 50mm and Height 8’, width 4’ shutters, Double door shutters, Vision panel shutters, Louvred shutters, Internal Teakwood Lipping, External Teakwood Lipping shutters etc…which are specified by many architects and departments.

We Supply quality products and firmly believe that. We should never waste the natures resources by under processing the materials. One can supply a required product, but guaranteed “Good Quality Door” not every one can provide. The true skill of quality door making requires a technical staff & vast knowledge of wood and innovative upgrading skills.

We supply the nature’s strongest & finest wood materials. All the raw materials are selected by a team of quality control and is Vacuum Pressure chemically treated for borer, termite, fungus and other micro organisms, also perfectly seasoned in Tri-Therm –computer controlled seasoning chambers

Our supplies mainly goes to :-

Government Departments, Research Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Residential & commercial Buildings, Industrial, Pharmaceutical companies, Hotels, Apartments, Villas, Builders, Contractors etc..


Glue Spreader

Frame Joiner

Hot Press

Packing Machine

Factory Shield

Paint Booth

Wood Driers

Fork Lift


DD Saw

Resin Kettle

Routering Machine